My Birthday Wish: Do Something For Others (with 13 Suggestions)

by Ken Mueller on March 12, 2014 · 12 comments

Today is my birthday. And as I am turning 52, I find that I pretty much have everything I need. I mean, I really don’t need to acquire any more stuff. I’m at the age where I’m trying to get rid of stuff. In fact, if you stop by my house today, I might even give you some stuff to take. Almost anything you find in the basement is fair game.

That being said, what I really want for my birthday is for you to honor me by doing something nice for others. Support a small business. Make a donation to a cause close to your heart. Support independent authors, musicians, and entrepreneurs who are trying to get their businesses off the ground. Help an old lady across the street. Pick up someone else’s trash off the ground.

You get the point. Do something intentional and good for others.

If you can’t think of anything in particular, I have a few suggestions for you of things close to my heart. Here are some options:

Help a startup

I wrote about this last week, but my former student Ashley Hill is hoping to launch a cool new nonprofit here in Lancaster called The Simple Cup, and is doing some crowdfunding for it on Indiegogo. As I write this, she has just 9 more days to raise about $2,000. That’s really not that much. If just a small fraction of you could pledge at either the $10 or $25 level, she’d be funded in no time. Do it for me, do it for yourself, or do it for the many people who will benefit from this new nonprofit. I don’t care, just consider doing it. So please, click here now and make a pledge.

If that’s not to your liking, I have other options for you as well.

Buy independent music

I have a lot of friends who are musicians, and I’d love for you to check out their music by purchasing one of their albums. I can’t list them all here, and I apologize ahead of time for those I don’t mention, but here are a few with more recent albums you need to check out:

The Michael Ferrari – When You’re a Man

Deni Gauthier – Quiet Town

Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart – Indigo

The Shackeltons – Records

Joy Ike – All or Nothing

Buy independent books

Brenda Sieglitz – Ebb from the Shoreline: Finding Cancer and Courage

Andi Cumbo-Floyd – The Slaves Have Names

Dan Portnoy – The Nonprofit Narrative

Gini Dietrich – Spin Sucks

Joe Waters – Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits

Doug Rice – The Curiosity Manifesto: A Call to Live the Curious Life

Tim Kreider & Shawn Smucker – Refuse to Drown

Those are my suggestions, and I’d love if you’d support my friends, but really, I’d love for you to support any cause or writer or musician that you think is important.

So please help me celebrate my birthday by doing something good for others. Thanks!




Happy birthday:) And you can never have enough bacon :0


Happy birthday, Ken! Pleasure knowing you.


Such a nice sentiment for your own birthday.  I am sure your generosity will be returned ten-fold throughout the day from all of your family, close friends and social media fans. 

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