Stethoscope_in_useFor many small businesses, dealing with an online presence can be a bit daunting. It can take a lot of time to maintain a website and a presence on various social media platforms. Many small businesses find it hard to simply maintain a Facebook page or Twitter account, let alone do them well. As a result, many businesses turn their social media management over to hired guns, many of whom seem to simply do the bare minimum: a post here, a tweet there, and that’s that.

But one element of a strong social and online presence that’s often forgotten is that of brand monitoring and reputation management. It’s not enough to simply post on your favorite social channels from time to tie. You need to keep your ear to the ground and find out what people are saying, or not saying, about you and your competition. [click to continue…]


Turn Your Clocks Back and Your Digital Presence Forward

A version of this post originally appeared here in 2013.

This weekend, most of us here in the U.S. moved our clocks ahead an hour as we jumped into Daylight Saving Time. Yes, it’s that one day of the year when we bemoan the loss of an hour of sleep. But, the upside is more daylight in the evening

Those two times a year when we adjust our clocks are also the times that local fire authorities remind us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors, just to make sure they are in proper working order. But now with these newfangled ten-year smoke detectors, that’s less of an issue. But a smoke detector is something that is out of sight and out of mind most of the time, but if it isn’t working properly, it could spell disaster.

But these twice a year clock manipulations are also as good a time as any to take a quick look at your online presence (both business and personal) and see if everything is in tip-top shape. Once we set up the various facets of our digital presence, we forget about them and let them go. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore them forever. So as you are thinking about that lost hour of sleep, take a moment to think about your online digital properties and give them the once over. Think of it as changing your digital battery to make sure you are protected and everything is working well. Here are a few things to check: [click to continue…]


A Plea for Sanity: The Sad Plight of Libris Flavum

March 2, 2015

It’s time to take a stand. For years, the species Libris Flavum (Yellow Book) and its kin, Liber Populus Numerus (Phone Book), were a regular and welcome part of our lives. We got excited whenever a new one would arrive on our doorstep, wrapped in its plasticine cocoon, quickly swooping it up in our arms […]

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A New Way to Increase Your Facebook Likes

February 23, 2015

Facebook continues to be one of the top social networks for small businesses, mostly because of it’s size and the sheer number of people who use the platform regularly. But with algorithmic changes that are seemingly making it harder for small businesses to reach their fans, it’s important to look for legitimate ways to reach […]

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Tweeting with the Presidents

February 16, 2015

Today is the day we refer to as Presidents’ Day, a holiday worth of closing schools, banks, government offices, and some businesses. I, however, will be working. But, I still decided to have a little fun. The original version of this post first ran here in 2012, but I’ve updated it a tiny biy. While […]

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Back to Basics: Why Social Media?

February 6, 2015

As I speak to various business groups, business owners, and classes, I am constantly reminded that while this whole social media thing has been around a few years, and most people and businesses have seemingly jumped on board, there are still a lot of people who are behind the curve and don’t get it. So […]

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