7171312269 7cbb49a18b n When the Rules Change, Your Business Needs to Adapt

Change happens.

And not all change is good, but regardless, no matter what changes occur, we need to adapt to whatever new reality comes our way.

For example, there are some changes in the way baseball is played at the Major League level this year, and the rule changes are affecting how the teams play. One change is the adoption of instant replay, where teams can challenge some of the calls made by umpires. And while some of the challenges have helped my beloved Phillies, I’m not a big fan of instant replay. One of the biggest ways that teams have had to adapt is how they argue a call.

In the old days (read: last year and before), if a team didn’t like a call, the manager would run out onto the field, get in the face of the umpire, and a yelling match would ensue, sometimes enhanced by some other antics. Former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was a master of this. [click to continue…]

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peering in 300x225 An Out of Body (or Out of Business) Experience is What You NeedAs many of you know, I help out some of my friends at their market stand at Lancaster Central Market a few days a week, and I really enjoy the time I spend there, and it’s actually quite good for recharging me for what I do in my own business. The other day, one of the owners of the stand stepped out from behind the counter and went out front where the customers stand. She quickly noticed that there was some kind of “gunk” on the glass window of the refrigeration unit, as if some kid had chewed something up and spit it out. I could tell by the look on her face that there was something unpleasant there, and she proceeded to clean it up.

In fact, we often step outside to take a look at what the business looks like from the customer’s perspective.

This is easy to do, at least from a physical standpoint, at something like a brick and mortar stand or business. And it’s certainly helpful and instructive.  [click to continue…]


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April 21, 2014

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April 18, 2014

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April 17, 2014

There are quite a few social media memes related to particular days of the week. The most well known of these is #FollowFriday, which began on Twitter, but has become rather tired and overlooked. But there’s another meme that’s kind of fun, and has some great possibilities for your small business or nonprofit. Throwback Thursday […]

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