Social Media and Events: Learning as You Grow

by Ken Mueller on August 29, 2014 · 0 comments

foodstruck3 300x199 Social Media and Events: Learning as You Grow This post is a guest post from Patrick Mendoza, who wrote a post about Foodstruck York back in April, 2014.

On a daily basis, users of the Internet witness an unusual society full of negative engagement and constant criticism. Doesn’t matter if it’s a super model’s Instagram post or a YouTube sensation, comment threads have spread like wildfire, with many of them burning everything in their path. In an age of instant connectivity, the digital realm allows a false sense of disconnection, which then spawns a channel used to share personal unpleasantness.

With a fear of the unknown, it can be difficult for social media managers to toe the line of being transparent and trustworthy. The ‘net is shifty terrain, after all, and one slip can have a drastic impact on your brand’s image. And, I would imagine, a greater challenge is added to the planning of a public event. One of the results of a community-based event is the community-based feedback, and since the Internet is available at the swipe of an app, the ability to share that feedback, both good and bad, is easier than ever. So when the organizers of Foodstruck began preparing for their second hosting, they knew to expect even larger crowds the next time. When coordinating the logistics, they knew they had to accommodate those folks, or face the unknown in the social media world. [click to continue…]


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