Best of Remix: 10 Advertising Slogans Built for Social Media

by Ken Mueller on July 24, 2012 · 0 comments


Avis Rental Car Counter

As I look at my analytics I notice that there are a number of my older posts that continue to perform well, despite their age. I figured that if people are still visiting these posts regularly via search engines, it might be a good idea to reprise and update them, so that’s what I’ll be doing all week, starting with this post. Besides, I really needed a break!

A version of this post was originally published in March 2010.

You remember them; you probably know them by heart: famous ad slogans from large national and international corporations.

What’s interesting about this particular list, is that these slogans sound as if they were tailor made for social media. At the heart of each of them is the concept of putting the customer, service, and the community, first. In some cases, the idea is building community around the product, as we as consumers identify with the brand. Take a look at these and think about them.

  • Have it your way at Burger King
  • Connecting People (Nokia)
  • We’re number two; we try harder. (Avis Rental Cars)
  • Reach out and touch someone. (AT&T)
  • Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there
  • We Love To See You Smile (McDonalds)
  • Fly the friendly skies of United
  • We treat you right. (Dairy Queen)
  • I’d like to teach the world to sing (Coke)
  • You’re in good hands with Allstate

Now I can’t speak for the truthfulness of these slogans or how well the companies followed through, but the intent behind the words is clear.

Will the use of social media change the way companies, big and small, do business? Will it change how we brand and position our marketing? It’s already happening, but how is social media changing the way you do business? Is social media changing how you look at customer service? Market research? Branding?

Based on what you are doing with social media…what would your slogan be?




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