Twit Happens

by Ken Mueller on March 31, 2011 · 4 comments

TwitSometimes Twit just happens.

You know what I mean. You’re on Twitter and you make some sort of boneheaded error.

Perhaps you say something stupid, a la Gilbert Gottfried or Kenneth Cole. Twit happens.

Perhaps you’re running multiple accounts and you send a personal message over a business account, (i.e. Chrysler). Twit happens.

And then of course there’s the all too common DM fail, when you send out an embarrassing message to the masses that was clearly meant to be a private direct message. Yes, Twit happens.

So what to do when Twit happens?

Don’t panic. If need be, depending on the nature of the error, acknowledge your mistake, apologize if it’s warranted, and move on. Obviously some errors, like the aforementioned Chrysler, Cole, and Gottfried errors, will take on a life of their own and you’ll need to do a bit more damage control. But the good news is: we have short memories. There’s enough going on in the world, and on Social Media, that one gaffe can’t hold our attention for too long. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make it right, but you also don’t have to dwell on it too long while wearing sackcloth and ashes.

And how do you prevent Twit from happening in the first place?

Here are a few simple steps:

  • Don’t be stupid
  • Use common sense
  • Slow down
  • Think before you post
  • Think again
  • If you have doubts, don’t pull the trigger
  • Keep thinking

Seems pretty simple, eh? Well, it can be if you make it a habit.

Just use your head and be careful out there. You don’t want to end up like Oliver…


When I first started on Twitter, a friend of mine sent me a DM making fun of a competitor. Instead of DMing him back, I @ replied and she saw it. She totally called me out on it (as she should have). I publicly replied with my apology and then called her. Thankfully we became fast friends after that, but it could have ended really badly. And I NEVER say anything bad about anyone. Ever. Not true. I make fun of people in airports. But the point is, twit happens and it will happen to you. Just be cognizant of making stupid mistakes.


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