Inkling Media’s Ken Mueller is also available for speaking engagements. He has been addressing groups for nearly 20 years on a variety of subjects. Currently he is available to speak on any number of subjects related to social media and marketing. Topics can range from more practical social media use and instruction (the nuts and bolts), to a more analytical approach featuring the “whats” and “whys” of social media. He can also address some of the more theoretical issues and implications surrounding the world of Social Media and Web 2.0.

Ken can work with you to tailor his speaking to your specific needs, whether it is to a small group in an office or to a larger group in an auditorium. Whether you are currently utilizing social media as a part of your overall marketing plan, or just considering wading into the water, Ken can bring you the information you need and build motivation.

Whatever it is you want, Ken can design a presentation for your needs. Some suggested topics include:

Why Social Media?

Building Community

The Power of the Community

Social Media 101

The Basics and Benefits of Blogging

Social Media Do’s and Dont’s: Best Practices and Etiquette

Living (and working) in a Social Media Society

How to create and use Facebook Business Pages

Twitter 101

Maybe you and your staff just need a pep talk, or you just need to get some of your coworkers, or superiors, on board. Ken can help facilitate the discussion and brainstorming sessions related to marketing via social media.

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Outside of the social media realm, Ken is also available to speak on a variety of issues related to radio and the radio industry.