Friday Blogging Experience: Create Your Own Music Festival

by Ken Mueller on July 19, 2013 · 7 comments

Friday Blogging Experience: Create Your Own Music Festival

The third Friday of every month is Music Friday here in Lancaster, and there will be concerts and performances throughout the city, both in venues and restaurants, and on the streets. It’s a great way to spend a Friday evening, and get some great entertainment.

Summer is also the time of all the big (and little) music festivals. Just about every band or performer is playing at least one music festival. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to create my own music festival, and then you can create your own. But here’s the catch. You don’t get to just pick the acts. You have to let your music player of choice make the selections.

So set your music player on shuffle/random/DJ and then hit play. List the first ten artists that come up, and that’s the lineup for your festival, in that order. I think we might come up with some pretty eclectic shows. You can even tell us a little bit about the band/performer and which stage they’ll be performing on, if you like.

So here is the lineup for Muellerpalooza 2013!

1. Richard Buckner – opening the festival up on the Gravel Voice Stage

2. Dean & Britta – sweet set over on the Duos Who Need to Record More Stage

3. At the Close of Every Day – rockin’ it on the Symphonic Dutch Bands Stage

4. Punch Brothers – over on the Hipster Hillbilly Stage

5. 16 Horsepower – oh heck, let’s thrown them on the Hipster Hillbilly Stage as well, but just crank it up a bit.

6. Cold War Kids – I’ll put these guys on the Old Souls in Young Bodies Stage

7. The Handsome Family – performing on the This Ain’t Your Mama’s Grand Ole Opry Stage

8. Pat Boone – uh, well, he’s over on the, uh…Don’t Judge Me! Stage

9. Johnny Cash – ripping it up on the Dead, But Really Still Alive Stage

10. The Stray Birds – finishing things up on the Lancaster Local Stage

So now it’s your turn. First ten artists that pop up on your music player without skipping. Let’s see what kind of festival you can randomly put together.



This is a REALLY cool idea! :D (Not a regular reader...random teenager who was looking up how to create a music festival. Haha)

1. Lady Gaga 
2. The Black Keys
3. Kat DeLuna
4. The Wilsons (This is when my lineup started getting REALLY weird.)
5. Drake Bell
6. Panic! At The Disco
7. New Order
8. Michael Buble
9. Ashlee Simpson
10. Fun.

All in all, a pretty good lineup. Nice mix of my inner 11 year-old and my more sophisticated tastes in music.


Hmm, haven't even started Pandora yet as I've been replying to blog comments and emails. Will it be...

- Lindsey Stirling / Piano Guys / Keiko Matsui / Bond

- Buble / Jones/ Bareillis / Adele / Rat Pack

- Hinder / Boston / 80s Throwback / ZZ Top

So much good little time.


From my combined Pandora station meshing seven artists together - 

1.  Dave Matthews featuring Tim Reynolds // 2.  Jack Johnson // 3.  St. Lucia // 4.  The Cinema // 5.  MGMT // 6.  The Head and The Heart // 7.  The Avett Brothers // 8.  Beta Radio // 9.  Fun. // 10. Band of Horses

KenMueller moderator

@dbvickery Ah, the music is the first thing I turn on in the morning BEFORE I begin the email and commenting process.

KenMueller moderator

@EventCrashers Not bad. And how do you feel about that festival? I like most of those bands, though I'd probably choose to arrive late to skip the first two acts...


@KenMueller  I'm more than happy with it!  (I love Dave Matthews!)  Jack Johnson and Beta Radio probably would have been bathroom and food/beer breaks though.  

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