The Non-Post

by Ken Mueller on April 2, 2013 · 2 comments

The Non-Post

I started writing a post yesterday afternoon and was on a roll. I was in the zone. It will still see the light of day soon, but this is not that post.

The clock got away from me, my son got home from work, and  I had promised him that I would take him somewhere to get something (more on that in a future blog post, I’m sure). He did some school work, I took him out as promised, came back, grabbed some dinner and sat down in front of my Phillies game.

Then I fired up the ol’ laptop and got back to my post. And I sat. And I stared. Aaaaand…I just wasn’t feeling it. 

I stared at the screen and I was clearly no longer in the zone. I then debated whether or not to just skip a day and not publish.

Then I thought, why not just explain why I’m not publishing, so I clicked the Add New Post button and started typing this post.

I enjoyed my time with my son, and I’m also enjoying opening day of the Phillies (even though they are losing as I write this).

My point?

Life is more than just work. Family is more important than work. And “Go Phillies!”

No regrets.

Don’t ever apologize for putting your family first.




Killer post. Best advice I heard all day.

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