The Fantasy Baseball Approach to Social & Digital Marketing

by Ken Mueller on March 25, 2013 · 7 comments

The Fantasy Baseball Approach to Social & Digital MarketingThis weekend featured live drafts for the two fantasy baseball leagues in which I participate. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball (and other sports) for quite a few years with varying degrees of success.

I’m pretty happy with how both of my drafts went, but you don’t win the season with the draft. You actually have to play the season. The entire season. There are many different approaches to how people play fantasy baseball, with some people taking it more seriously than others. And there are some parallels with how we should approach social and digital marketing for our businesses and nonprofits.

1) Do your research – Just don’t start drafting or you won’t know who to draft. You have to know the skill levels of the players, their health, and all the other little factors that might impact how they perform for you throughout the year. In the same way, you don’t just start blogging or using Facebook without a strategy. That strategy should guide you as you move forward.

2) Choose carefully – Again, you don’t just start picking. You need a well balanced team with the right number of people at each position. Pick a team of all pitchers and you’re sunk. Plus, you’ll need to act and react as you see who the others in your league choose. Pick and choose which platforms you will use carefully. Find the ones that work best for you and your customers. And make sure you are keeping your eyes on what your competitors are doing, as well.

3) Don’t sit still – Once the season starts, you can’t put your team on auto-pilot and expect to win. Players get injured. They have hot streaks and cold spells. The ace who was supposed to have a great season goes into a funk. The upstart sleeper suddenly starts playing like a hall-of-famer. None of this is predictable. The market works the same way. There is no way to tell with any level of certainty how anything you do online will perform. You have to continue to observe and research, and then tinker and tweak.

4) Don’t give up – Nothing is more frustrating than having a league where one or more of the teams start doing poorly. Each year we seek out new players who we’re pretty sure won’t quit. No matter how poorly things are going for you and your online presence, you can turn it around. In fantasy baseball you make moves: you pick up players from the waiver wire or make trades, and you adjust your strategy. The same goes with your marketing plan, but you must stick with it. You won’t see overnight results, but you will see results over the long haul. Stick it out.

5) Don’t rest on your laurels – The team in first place can’t sit back and relax. In order to stay in first place, they need to do the same things. Continue to observe and research. Even with a big league you need to stay on top of your game and make sure you are putting the right players in on the right day. No matter how much success you are having with your digital marketing program, you haven’t arrived. You need to keep your eyes open to all that is going on around you and follow through.

No matter what, you need to do your research, develop a strategy, and continue to observe and continually make changes when necessary. And remember, there are no guarantees.



Awesome way to put it. I bet that my son would have better luck picking a random number instead of a driver for the nascar races in my Dads fantasy league. I don't remember the point of saying it but he has won 4 races this season.


I love a good sports analogy...even if I DON'T follow baseball. See, this is why I gotta have you and Bill Dorman come write baseball guest posts for my blog.

I loved all 5 points, Ken. Nice job.

Go Rockies?!? They do have a beautiful baseball park with Coors Field.


Some good tips here, Ken... for fantasy baseball success and digital marketing. I would also suggest that you want to stay on top of new sites/social networks that arrive in your industry, just like you should always stay aware of the top prospects getting called up to help your team win in fantasy baseball. A social network doesn't need a massive amount of traffic to have the RIGHT type of traffic to generate leads and sales for your business.

KenMueller moderator

@jonathanbentz Great points, Jonathan. And I knew that you of all people would jump on this post. Hope your teams do well this year!

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