Five Things I Hate and Five Things You Hate

by Ken Mueller on March 1, 2013 · 20 comments

Five Things I Hate

I hate moving. Period. I’ve discovered that packing up an entire house full of belongings and moving two miles is the same headache as moving across country.

The move across Lancaster from the West Side to the Northeast Side has taken its toll on this old body. And that’s the reason for my blog silence over the past few weeks. I hate not being able to blog. But it was necessary.

But here we are in a brand new month, and I’m ready to roll. So it’s back to blogging and we’ll kick it off easy with the latest edition of the Friday Blogging Experiment. A few weeks ago we shared together in Five Things I Love and Five Things You Love, and it was quite interesting. So I thought we’d do the inverse this time around and talk about the things we hate.

I don’t just mean the things we dislike. I mean the things we absolutely despise, loathe, and detest. And we’ll use the same categories we used for the previous post, and you’ll get your chance to weigh in as well. So here we go!

1. Name a food you absolutely hate – I’m pretty easy to please. I love food and will try almost anything. But there are a few foods I really detest, mostly because of childhood trauma. So I’m gonna say asparagus. We had it a lot when I was a kid, and this was at a time when buying it fresh wasn’t really an option. So what we had either was frozen or came in a can; I can’t really remember. Everyone says to me, “Oh, but have you had it prepared properly and fresh?” Yes. I have. I’ve had it served to me in the finest of restaurants and prepared every way imaginable. Still can’t stand it.

2. Name a band/musician you hate – This is tough because while I’m not picky about food, I am picky about music. There are a lot of bands and musicians I can’t stand. From Maroon 5 to Dave Matthews. But for my purposes here, I’ll go with Billy Joel. And there’s a reason. Back when we were kids, my brother tried to teach himself how to play piano using the sheet music for “Piano Man.” It was painful. Every time he would make a mistake, he went back to the beginning. And his mistake often happened within  the first line or two of the song. Drove. Me. Up. A. Wall.

3. Name a TV show you hate  – I really don’t watch a lot of television, but I have a serious aversion to reality shows of just about any sort. I think the one that annoys me the most, and yet is still popular, is American Idol. The judges annoy me, and the way the show is presented annoys me. It’s more about ratings and less about real talent.

4. Name an author or book you hate – This is tough. I rarely pick up a book and hate it, mostly because I’m picky and I don’t read something without knowing more about the author or book. I’m not a big Shakespeare fan, but I think it’s just not my cup of tea. I was going to say Stephanie Meyer, because she gave us the whole Twilight mess, but to be fair, I’ve never read her work. Have no interest. So for me, I’ll go with James Joyce. I’ve tried him several times, and find his work pretentious and unreadable. I know it’s fashionable to laud him and Ulysses, but in my opinion it’s just not that good of a book.

5. Name a sports team that you hate – This one is pretty easy, and I’m going to name two: the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees. Fans of these teams will hate me, but I think that over the years, these two teams have embodied a lot of what is wrong with professional sports.

Those are my hates. What about yours?

In the comments, make your list of 1 through 5 and tell us about the things that you hate!


1. Broccoli. I can remember my parents making me finish it before I could be excused from the table. I would just sit there literally gagging it down. I cannot eat it to this day.

2. I don't like AC/DC. I'm not sure what it is about their music, but it just gets on my nerves.

3. I don't like most television, but I really can't stand reality TV.

4. I don't like Stephen King, which is pretty unusual. It's not his writing, I just don't care for the genre.

5. I hate the Dallas Cowboys as well. My entire family loves them, but I can't stand them. I also can't stand the Lakers because I hate Kobe Bryant.

Wow. This sorta feels like a rant. I'm not sure if I feel better or worse. :)

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1. Food - Chicken cordon bleu is nasty. Let's take a greasy piece of ham and stuff it inside the driest piece of hard rubber chicken imaginable. Yuck.

2. Singing and dancing acts called "boy bands." I don't really care what they are called because these things are all the same. 

3. Johnny Test - Sure, I could pick American Idol because I can't stand its presentation or the fact that it's totally fixed, but you already used it. So I will so with this abomination that my kids like to watch. Every episode is the same, with the most grating voices put to animation.

4. "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston -- It was just a snoozefest for me. Sorry, not my type of book. 

5. Atlanta Braves are quite simply the Dallas Cowboys of baseball. With the chop stolen from a Florida collegiate team and the greatest manager to ever have three Hall of Fame pitchers in their primes for many consecutive years, the Braves surpass even the Yankees and the Red Sox. Fans of all three teams are equally obnoxious most of the time, but the Braves get the edge here.


Such a clever idea for a blog post Ken. By the way, how come we haven't seen any video blogs from you recently? Now that you moved, I'd like to see your new porch.

Five things I hate:

1. Food - I've never had liver but my guess is it would be on the list. My least favorite food is black olives. I have no idea what it is about them, but they are just the worst tasting thing I have ever tried. I'm half Italian, so I think that makes my food palette agreeable to just about anything else edible.

2. Band - Rick Astley. Good grief, who in the world signed this guy to a record contract and thought he had "talent?" (Sorry if I am offending anyone).

3. TV Show - Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo and pretty much every reality TV show on air. Do I really need to explain myself? Is this what our culture has come to?

4.  Book or author - Holy cow, I can't think of one. No, wait. I'd have to say Anne Rice. Outside of "Interview with a Vampire" I think she stinks. Nice house in the Garden District of NOLA though.

5. Sports teams - The New York Yankees. I'm with Ken. I've never seen a team so pretentious, so arrogant, so feeling they are "entitled" than the Yankees. Perfect example? A-Rod's behavior during the playoffs flirting with a woman in the stands after he was benched for being a scrub. What a debacle.


Oh now, this is too much fun!

Food: Liver. Enough said?

Band/Musician: This is harder... But it's pretty easy to go with Ted Nugent (if one considers him as belonging in the category, and that's quesionable). His political obnoxiousness only highlights his utter lack of talent.

TV: I'm with you, but then again, I don't watch them, either. But I mostly watch news shows, and a few others that I like, so it's hard to judge fairly!

Author/Book: There have been a few books that have been so awful I couldn't get through them. And now they're erased from memory! I know I've tried multiple times to read Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain without success. And I still remember Stephen Crane's Red Badge of Courage as both horrifying and deadly dull at the same time. (I've read Ulysses a couple of times. Can't say I love it, but it is interesting). Genres, though: I won't read mysteries. Ugh. Nothing worse than the little old lady solving a puzzle books.

Sports teams: Nothing to add here. You've got it right. :)


I just don't hate, man...

But if we're going with songs that drive you up the wall, I can go with ANY version of that whiny-ass holiday season abomination, "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day, you gave it away..."  

DAMN IT KEN, now that crud will be rattling around my head all day long. 

Sports -- again, no hate, but I'm so happy whenever Mexico loses a soccer match, especially to the USA. That said, grudging respect. Our amigos south of the border can flat out play. 


Food: Tofu. I've tried it countless ways, I get that it's good for me,. I just can't stand the stuff!

Music: I may catch some grief for this one, but I hate faith-based knock-offs. By which I mean I hate artists who try to be the "Christian version of fill-in-secular-artist-here". I totally appreciate faith-based music when the artist is true to themselves but can't stand copy-cats.

TV: Honey Boo Boo. No explanation needed.

Author/Book: Haven't yet met one I didn't at least appreciate the effort on, so I'll skip this.

Sports Team: I'm a Pittsburgh girl. As thus, my list includes but is not limited to the Ravens, Flyers, Red Wings, Browns, and Patriots.


How can you hate Joyce? We are not friends anymore.

Food: Fish. I know this is a cardinal sin and maybe has to with childhood trauma of some sort. I try it now and again, but I just can't get over it. I am sure my lack of love for seafood will shave a few years off of my live, but oh well. Weird exception? Octopus...Love it and always order when it is on the menu.

Music: Tough....I don't know, but probably all of the black noise death metal or whatever it is that my husband insists on playing. He says it relaxing him. It drives me crazy.

TV: We're cord cutters, so I don't have to worry about hating any shows any more. I only watch what I seek out via Netflix and Amazon Instant. Easy peasy.

Author/Book: Sorry I don't think Cormac McCarthy is all that. String me up now. One book that I did not get at all was "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" by Raymond Carver. I didn't get it. 

Sports Team: I don't watch sports, so I'm pretty ambivalent here. 

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I can't hate anything right now..... except maybe the fact that the comment I just wrote disappeared when I tried to post it, and this is my second attempt.

The reason I can't hate anything (else) right now, is because my granddaughter just gave birth to my first great-grandchild, after a long day and night of hard labor. My daughter, whom you know and love as Jackie, was the birth coach. She is also the great aunt.

When I saw the beautiful picture of my granddaughter holding her newborn son, I was so overcome with love and joy that I kissed the screen, which made my hubby's smart phone go all wonky. I was tweeting about that, when you tweeted the link to this post.

As soon as our house here in New Mexico sells, we will be packing up everything we own and moving over 1500 miles away to the west coast to be near my daughter, granddaughter, and new baby grandson. Based on your recent moving experience, wouild you recommend that we just set the house on fire, instead? Or, maybe ourselves? ;)


@John_Trader1 John, I'll take all the olives in your salad. I LOVE black olives. Can snack on them, though I shouldn't!


@katskrieger Other than tuna, I don't generally eat things that live in water. The smell of most fish and seafood cooking is enough to make me ill.

KenMueller moderator

@katskrieger wait. we were friends? And don't be so hard on Ben. He just likes to relax AND annoy you at the same time. I never got McCarthy either, but don't really hate him. I have friends who think he's da bomb. And I love fish. The only seafood I don't really like are clams and oysters in the shell. I'll eat them other ways though. 

KenMueller moderator

@LadyQuixote moving sucks. end of story. Only good thing about it is that you are forced to purge. We put so much out for the trash, gave a ton to the Salvation Army, and gave other stuff away. It was awesome.


@KenMueller @mcahalane I'm not much of a meat eater to begin with - even as a kid, didn't much care for it. But when dad had mom make liver, all of us went running from the house. Oh, that smell! :)


@KenMueller @LadyQuixote That's the part I'm looking forward to, the purging. When the Happy Hoarder (b-f-hubby) and the Neat Freak (moi) married and merged our two households 9 years ago, guess who's lifestyle won, after about a year of butting heads?

Hint: Bless This Mess.

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