World Food Day: From #HungertoHope

by Ken Mueller on October 16, 2012 · 5 comments

World Hunger Day - From Hunger to Hope


This morning when I got up I had a few cups of coffee and grabbed something to eat out of the fridge. It wasn’t a big deal. I knew there would be something there. For lunch I”ll probably make a sandwich, and then have a bigger meal for dinner. In between I’ll snack on whatever I find in the kitchen.

No big deal. I get hungry, I eat. I get bored, I eat. I walk by the kitchen, I find something to eat. I go online and see a picture of some amazing food and I get hungry.

Chances are, you do the same. And if you’re anything like me, you might open up a full fridge or a full kitchen cupboard, and walk away saying:

“There’s nothing to eat!”

…just because nothing seemed like the right thing to eat at the moment. #FirstWorldProblems

But 1 of every 7 people in the world goes to bed hungry. There are millions around the world who have no idea when they’ll get their next meal. And it’s not just a third world problem. People just around the corner are going to bed hungry.

I live in Lancaster County, known for it’s fertile farmland and abundance of food, and yet more than 11% of the residents here are “food insecure”, while 18% of all kids in the county fall into that category.

Food Insecurity Rate

But there is an answer. You and me. Us.

We all have a voice, and we’ve been given the privilege of amplifying our voices around the world via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, and more.

So I’m asking you to do two things today, as part of World Food Day. Give and share.

1. Give – Join me as part of #HungertoHope and help us raise $200,000 today to support the work of the World Food Programme.

2. Share – Even if you can’t give, you can share. Use the social buttons on this post to share the information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whichever social platforms you use. Get the word out; build awareness.

If you’d rather give locally, that’s great. There are plenty of local organizations that are doing their part to feed the hungry in your area. If you’re here in my area, consider giving to Water Street Ministries (client) as they gear up for the holidays and their busiest time of the year.

Special thanks to Jeff Burkholder for coming up with an extra “very special” installment of The Social Life of Frank & Linh this week. He always comes through when I throw him a curve ball.


Thank you, Ken for participating!  Really appreciate it!


Crowdfunding is a really exciting trend in fundraising. I like the awareness component almost as much as the actual giving piece. We never know how many impressions it takes before someone makes a gift; the social pressure of watching your community rally around a cause doesn't hurt either. On a personal note, I find that just reading about hunger issues makes me more thankful for each bite and more careful with how I use the food I'm lucky to have. Thanks for boosting my gratitude/generosity index today.

KenMueller moderator

@magriebler I'm much the same way. I think we need these frequent reminders so that we not only know how good we have it, but that there are so many who are going without. And the problem is one that is solvable in very easy and practical ways!


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