Weekend Video: Lil Wayne Can’t Recall…Anything

by Ken Mueller on October 13, 2012 · 13 comments

A big hat tip to Gini Dietrich for sharing one of these videos on Gin and Topics yesterday. I thought it was so funny I decided to share all three of them here.

The short back story on this is that rapper Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III over how he was portrayed in a documentary. So as you watch these videos, keep in mind that Lil Wayne is the one doing the suing. He is not on the other end of the lawsuit. This is some of the funniest courtroom action you’ll ever see.





@ginidietrich drugs and alcohol rotted his brain so lawyers should not allow any lawsuits to be filed on his behalf.


Can you believe him? I was deposed once for a lawsuit against a former client and I was so scared, I didn't do or say anything wrong. This guy is a piece of work.


I did watch the first and half of the second... and that's as far as I could go. We shrinks could make a fortune if he ever came for therapy. I pity his therapist though.

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I watched the first one. He doesn't seem to be very bright. I couldn't bring myself to watch the second one.

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KenMueller moderator

@Hajra  He'd keep you in business for a long time. My son just watched these and said, "There must be something wrong with him. Beyond the drugs, and everything. Something seriously wrong."


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