Weekend Video: Feel-Good Flicks as Horror Movies

by Ken Mueller on June 9, 2012 · 6 comments

Every once in awhile you find a gem or two online. Or four..or five.

I love when people do creative things with video, particularly in terms of mashups or remixes. I was chatting with my friend Ifdy who sent me this first video, which is a trailer for the film Mrs. Doubtfire, recut as if it were a horror film.



This brought to mind a similar trailer I had seen a few years back of Mary Poppins done in a similar fashion.


And then we found a similar horror treatment for Sleepless in Seattle:



And what would the horror industry be like without a contribution from Nicholas Sparks?



And then, not to be outdone, what if you take a horror film like, say, The Shining, and recut it as a wholesome, feel-good family movie?


There are different versions of these all over the web. Which are your favorites? Have you found any others that you’d like to share?



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