Weekend Video: Pittsburgh Dad

by Ken Mueller on June 2, 2012 · 1 comment

I’ve been meaning to write about this little regional phenomenon for awhile, and finally decided to do it now.

Pittsburgh Dad is a regular series of video shorts that are described as a one-minute sitcom. It features Curt Wootton as the “Pittsburgh Dad” and was created by Wootton and his friend Chris Preksta. It started as just two friends making some funny videos and posting them on YouTube for their friends and family. And then it took off.

In the videos, Pittsburgh Dad is the only character, as he waxes not-so-eloquently about everything from family life, the neighborhood, sports, church, and even pop culture. The episodes are riddled with a nice helping of Pittsburghese and local references that only folks with connections to Western PA will get.

I’m not from Pittsburgh, though I went to college in Western PA and my wife is from Pittsburgh, so the humor is certainly not lost on me. Even if you’re not from Pittsburgh you might still recognize some things from your childhood. Check out their YouTube Channel as well as their Facebook Page.

And this isn’t the pair’s first foray into film. They first worked together in Preksta’s Captain Blasto web series, and then worked together on The Mercury Men, which was picked up by The SyFy Channel.

But I love what they’ve done with this series, and how it has grown for them, even though the content is very regional in nature. Here’s one of my all time favorite episodes, where Pittsburgh Dad offers his own take on the Twilight movies…Enjoy!



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