Two Smalltown Boys Gunning for Global Domination: An Experiment in Sharing

by Ken Mueller on May 26, 2012 · 7 comments

The Ouro Bros. Turn TwoOK, so maybe the two guys I’m about to tell you about aren’t gunning for global domination, but they’d take it if it happened, and you can help them get there.

My friends, Jeremy Bentley and Jeff Burkholder, have been plugging away for the past two years creating their weekly webcomic, The Ouro Bros. and the Neverending Tour, a comic following two brothers in a band as they tour the country playing small clubs. I wrote about them when they first got started, and then when they were kind (?) enough to create a character based on me, and again on their one year anniversary.

Well, this weekend marks the two year anniversary of The Ouro Bros. and they’re still on tour. To celebrate, Jeremy and Jeff are giving us a full week of comics, rather than just their regular weekly edition. And part of the deal is they want all of us to share these comics with our friends and help them further build their audience.

the Ouro Bros.You see, the cool thing about the web is that even the smallest of local businesses becomes a global business on the web. The same goes for bands or even comics. Global is the new local, and with just the right sharing, the Ouro Bros. might just well hit the big time!

Head on over to their most recent strip from this past Thursday and in addition to checking out their latest work, find out how you can spread the word. But the key is this: read the comics throughout the week, and share, share, share. On blogs, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest, or wherever!

Let’s see if we can drive a lot of traffic their way by tapping into the power of online word of mouth. Sound like a plan?

I haven’t seen the comics they have planned for this coming week, but knowing these two guys, it’s gonna be great.

Oh, and in case Jeff’s name sounds familiar, he’s the artist who creates my weekly comic, The Social Life of Frank & Linh, which you’ll be seeing in this space tomorrow.


"global is the new local" ... that about says it all. Love this ... and thanks for the intro Ken!


Ken, thank you once again for using your blog as a platform to spread the word about Ouro Bros!

KenMueller moderator

 @ShellyKramer thanks, Shelly. It's been great to watch my friends create this thing and come this far. Just want to see them get to the next level.

KenMueller moderator

 @thebestjeremy Any time. I"m just trying to make you famous so I can ride on your coat tails. Plus, I owe it to your mother...


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