Going Social: Podcasts, Books, and a Few Accolades

by Ken Mueller on March 29, 2012 · 4 comments

Old MicrophoneI’m not much for posting my own personal news here on the blog, and struggle with being too self promotional. It’s just not who I am, though I’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with a little self promotion. So since I have a few cool things going on, I thought I would take the time, and use my space here to tell you about some fun things that have been going on in my little corner of the Internet world, and give some shout outs to some other folks at the same time.

So here’s a bit of a round up of some fun things from the past, present, and future!


Just yesterday I had the pleasure of being Joe Hackman’s guest on his BlogTalk Radio podcast. Joe and I have become friends through our online encounters on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. He invited me on his podcast and we talked about my philosophy of social media for small businesses and non-profits, as well as my thoughts on things like Yelp, customer service, blogging, and a brief interruption from my dog Shadow.

On a Porch with Ken MuellerJoe Hackman’s podcast on BlogTalk Radio

Meanwhile, I was also Brian Martin’s guest on the Brand Fast-Trackers podcast back in January. On that podcast I talked about some of the same issues related to my philosophy of social media, as well as spending some time talking about non-profits and cause marketing.

It’s the ‘Social’ That’s Important, Not the ‘Media’Brand Fast-Trackers podcast

And on a  more local note, I joined David Moulton and Keith Slesser as a guest on The Lancast late last year. Again, the topic was mostly related to social media, with a look at how it differs from traditional media.

Social Media with Inkling Media – The Lancast

I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to these podcasts, and definitely recommend that you subscribe to them and listen often. With a background as on-air talent in radio, I always love having the opportunity to chat “live” on-air, so if you know of any other podcasts that might be interested in having me as a guest, just drop me a line!

Books, Books, and more Books

And then, there’s the printed word. I’ve contributed to a few books, and have a few of my own in the works.

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that I contributed an essay to the latest book from Shawn Smucker. The e-book, Building a Life Out of Words, is Shawn’s chronicling of his journey toward becoming a full time writer. I was one of about ten other writers who contributed short essays offering our perspective on writing. It’s a great read, and you can download it now.

The second project I’ve contributed to is an upcoming book being produced by a number of friends based on a flash-fiction blog called Gloaming Gap. A group of writers, many of them friends, write stories about the small town of Gloaming Gap, and now they are compiling those posts into a book, and they asked me to write the introduction, because most of them found each other via Twitter and other social channels, as part of our pretty cool local Twitter community. So check out the flash-fiction on the blog, and look for the book, hopefully later this year.

I mentioned the two projects that I’m working on right now; neither of which has a set title, but I’m hoping they’ll see the light of day before the end of 2012.

The first is a book on social media for small business that I’m co-authoring with my friend Marijean Jaggers of Jaggers Communications. We’ve been working a while on this, and are hoping to wrap things up in the very near future.

The second is also social media related, but will be a bit more fun. I’m working with my friend Kate Anderson of Kate Ampersand who will be illustrating this particular book, and I think the illustrations will be a huge part of the draw. I can’t say much more about this one yet, so you’ll just have to wait!

Accolades and Whatnot

Over the past few months I’ve been rather humbled as I’ve been added to a few “Top” lists related to the work that I do:

Danny Brown included me in his recent post “12 Bloggers to Learn From When it Comes to Growing Your Blog”. Thanks, Danny!

Top 100 Small Business blogs on Technorati. (see profile)

Top 100 Marketing Professors on Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine

The AdAge Power 150 (Marketing blogs)

Top 50 on the Traackr Nonprofit Marketing A-List (Looks like I recently dropped off of this list, but don’t worry…I’ll be back!)

Top 50 on the Traackr PR2.0 Influencers A-List

Top 50 Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2012 (#48)

Top 50 Entrepreneur Blogs to Watch in 2012 (#13)

Top 50 SEO Blogs to Watch in 2012 (#18)

So there you have it; a list of  some cool projects that I’m proud to have been a part of it. As I said up top, while it’s great to be recognized, I get a little uncomfortable tooting my own horn. But thanks to all of those who are a part of my community who are truly responsible for helping me get to where I am today.

Thank you all. You are appreciated.



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