Why I Do What I Do. How About You?

by Ken Mueller on March 2, 2012 · 11 comments

WhyThe past few days have been incredibly busy with meetings, teaching, and working with clients in person, on the phone, and online. The new Facebook Timeline has a lot of them jumping, as well as thinking about how they use Facebook. That’s one of the things I love about the new interface; change often makes us re-evaluate our approach to things.

Why do we do this?

How can we do it better or differently?

And this process has me thinking about why I do what I do. For me, it’s not just a job. I honestly look forward to every day and the challenges I have of working with clients to create and maintain a very cool social presence that extends their offline presence in a fully integrated manner.

Someone once asked me, “Who are your favorite types of clients?”. It was something I hadn’t really thought about at the time, but I was able to come up with an answer rather quickly. For me, my favorite clients tend to be

non-profits, and for-profits with a non-profit mindset.

And I’ve been fortunate; most of my clients fall into those two categories. I love working with organizations, whether they are businesses or non-profits, that seek to serve others and the community. Which is why I love social media, so much. I see the power it has to bring about change. I see how it makes us more accountable to our customers and constituents. I see how it can make us better, both as individuals and as businesses.

When a business has a social mindset, it permeates their culture, and filters down through the employees and even the customers. I love working with businesses to help them become more social, both online and offline. I love it even more when they have a real desire to give back to organizations in their community.

I love sitting in a meeting, even a preliminary consultation, describing what I think a business or organization could do, and seeing those bulbs start lighting up over their heads.

I love walking through a brick and mortar business and discovering creative ways of presenting that online to provide a great and unique customer experience.

I love teaching a business the value of listening before speaking, and then helping them find creative ways to respond and create valuable engagement.

I love seeing the growth that occurs when someone really gets “it”. There’s something very cool that happens when an individual or business makes it over the hump from approaching social media as merely a set of tools, to truly having the social mindset. That’s the point where the learning curve really takes off and picks up speed, and the results are much more tangible.

I love supporting good organizations and great causes. I love promoting the great work of others, and social media makes that so much easier, particularly through social sharing, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

And more than anything, I love to give. There’s an incredible level of satisfaction that comes from working with a business or non-profit, knowing that people’s lives are being changed as the result of my work.

Sometimes you’ll hear a professional baseball player say,

“I’d play for free! Heck, I’d pay to play if I had to!”

OK, so maybe that’s a ridiculous parallel, and rather ironic considering the kind of money even the lowest paid of baseball players make, but you get the point. Yes, I get paid for what I do, and I need to make a living, but if I were independently wealthy, THIS is exactly what I’d be doing. I love it THAT much.

And in some ways, I think that’s a big part of my relationship with my clients. I think my love of what I do is somewhat infectious. I’ve been told by several clients that it’s why they chose to work with me. And again, that filters throughout their entire organization, from the top down.

And all that is why I do what I do.

Why do you do what you do? Do you love it THAT much?


Jacob Yount
Jacob Yount

A good read, Ken and could feel the energy and zeal you have for your own work...inspiring. For me; it's being able to create results, affect people across global borders and to grow or take a whipping' from all the challenges.


@ShellyKramer @kmueller62 Slow down & take time to ask yourself why you do what you do.. good ROI. I love Twitter & the sharing of ideas.


@C_Pappas thanks, Christina! And thanks for the comment!


I love love love the topic of this post! I may even do a follow-up about myself on my blog next week (will link here Ken). This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. My company has changed a lot the past few months and inadvertently, the job I signed up to do is no longer available. Having the fortune to work and experience many facets of marketing I know what I love to do and what I dont love so much. The part I love is missing from my life and Im trying to decide what course to take based on present circumstances. Always great to look back and reflect on why it is we love what we do, whats gets us up int he morning, what thrills us and then do everything in our power to have the opportunity to do so.

KenMueller moderator

 @C_Pappas I feel your pain, Christina. Hang in there and keep looking for what you REALLY want. We should chat sometime and compare notes. A good Skype convo might be in order!


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