Weekend Video: The Oscars Edition

by Ken Mueller on February 25, 2012 · 5 comments

Best Actress Academy Award

Best Actress Academy Award (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

I’m not a big fan of awards shows, mostly because I rarely agree with the selections. I will watch them, though I spend more time making snide remarks than actually stargazing.

I’m also not much of a movie goer. In fact, I just checked out the list of nominees, and of all of the movies represented in all of the awards this year, I’ve seen exactly two of them: Moneyball and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. That’s it. Oh, I’d love to see more, but I just don’t get out to the theater much, and it’s so doggone expensive.

Yesterday I was over on Spin Sucks where I saw a video related to one of the nominees, and I have a feeling that this little video is going to be on a lot of people’s minds. In fact, I think this particular film will be the sleeper that everyone is rooting for. The little engine that could. The David that we hope will beat Goliath.

OK, so technically all of the nominees in the “Short Film (Live Action)” category are all Davids, but stick with me. You can read the full story at Yahoo about the couple that made the film, but here’s my short version: Husband and wife Andrew Bowler and Gigi Causey have a decision to make – either move to NYC and buy an apartment, or use their nest egg to make a short film. They chose the film. $25,000 later they have the completed project: Time Freak. It gets bad reviews and is rejected time and time again by various film festivals. Despite all that, they still decide to submit the film to the Motion Picture Academy to be considered for an Oscar.

The morning the nominations are announced, the couple goes on line to find out whether they got the nod. Here is what happened:

The beauty of this video being posted online is that people are watching. And talking. Even if they don’t win an Oscar, they will get more buzz than any of the other nominees in their category. A simple home video showing their reaction is the best marketing tool they could have found. It’s something that no amount of advertising dollars could buy.

I want to see the film. And after viewing their video, you probably do as well. As I write this, the video, which has been up a month, has more than 17,000 views. I’m betting between now and showtime, that will climb dramatically. If the folks at the Oscars were smart, they’d latch on to this publicity as well.

This story isn’t over yet, but it’s already a success story with a happy ending. It’s just that the ending actually could get happier.

And in case you’re interested, here is the trailer for the actual short film, Time Freak:

Good luck to the team that created the film, Time Freak. Here’s hoping you bring home a statuette. But even if you don’t, you can bet your film will be one of the next ones I actively seek out.


The trailer looks nice... wonder why film festivals didn't approve of it. The big question; if they win it on the big night; imagine the faces of those who rejected them.  Perfect success story!


If they don't win it big; still success story! They believed in their dreams and they believed in themselves!

KenMueller moderator

 @Hajra  I really hope they win and make a ton of money. Haha.

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