Your Online Communities and Freedom

by Ken Mueller on January 16, 2012 · 13 comments

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One of the biggest fears that a business has when creating a presence is online, particularly in Social Media, is that they are opening themselves up to attack.

If all you have is a website, an email address, and a phone number, the worst people can do is attack you in private. But once you start a blog, or create a Facebook page for your business, you have a problem. On the one hand, you want as many people there as possible. That’s why you’re there: to attract customers and grow your online communities.

On the other hand, these platforms are two-way. Not only can you talk to your customers, but they can talk back. That opens up a can of worms and creates a whole new level of vulnerability for you. It’s public. Whatever they say can be seen by others. As a result, there’s a temptation to find ways to minimize the danger by closing doors and limiting the activities of your community members.

This reminds me of a story from my youth involving one of my dogs, and that’s the topic of today’s video.


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The story and the idea behind it are just perfect. It's just a matter of thinking a little bit before launching your blog, your Facebook page, etc. It's better to be the shepherd than the stable owner who doesn't even know which animals are living under his roof. And yes, I know that's not the best analogy :)

KenMueller moderator

@GiseleNMendez Very true, Gisele. I actually like that analogy. No analogy is perfect, but that one fits very well!


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