Knitting & Social Media, part 1: The Art of Planning

by Ken Mueller on December 19, 2011 · 9 comments

A little dexterity is helpful in working with ...

I’ve been doing these videos for some time now, and my daughter, who is home from college for the holidays, has been bugging me to let her be in one of them. So I decided to give her a shot. And actually, she won’t just be in one video, she’ll be in two!

I asked Elizabeth what talents and skills she has that she might want to show off on video, and her response was “knitting and being awesome”. Well, I decided to let her go with the knitting, but you’ll have to decide if her presence on the video is considered “being awesome”. She thinks so.

The topic of this week’s video is: planning. As with anything you do in business, when you start something, whether it be a marketing campaign, or just jumping into Social Media, you should at least have some goals in mind. You might not know the exact end result, but you need to at least plan where you would like to be. Enjoy!

If you can’t see the video in your feed or email, click here and visit the Inkling Media Youtube Channel.

Next week my daughter returns in the sequel to this week’s video.

How are you planning ahead? Do you have goals, or are you just shooting in the dark?


Elizabeth is awesome. Ken you need some work on your knitting. Maybe start with something for Shadow?

KenMueller moderator

@Shelley Pringle I think I'll stick to breaking things, not making things. And yes, she is awesome. People keep telling me that. She'll be in next week's video as well. But if she keeps getting all the buzz, I might have to can her!


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