Social Media. Yawn.

by Ken Mueller on December 1, 2011 · 33 comments

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140x150 Social Media. Yawn.

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Recently I saw a Social Media professional inquire on Twitter, “Has Social Media become boring?”.

I’ve seen quite a few folks ask the same question, or even turn it into a statement, rather than a question: Social Media is boring.

The question hangs out there: Is Social Media boring?

When you ask that question, you are forgetting that Social Media is merely the tool by which individuals and brands get social online. It’s like asking if television has become boring. Are we talking about the television set itself, or the programs on television?

I think if we’re honest, the answer is, “No”. Social Media has not become boring. If we perceive it to be boring, that’s more a function of our own expectations. But I don’t think it has become boring, it has just become…normal.

The shiny newness of Facebook and Twitter has worn off. We are used to them. We use them every day and we don’t think about them as much. That’s not boring; that’s normal. I believe that we are now in a settling in period.

This is the best time.

Social media is becoming a seamless part of our lives, fully integrated into all that we do, so that we no longer notice it. It may seem less special, but it is also less intrusive, just like all other media that has preceded it. We take it for granted and don’t notice it’s presence as much.

This was inevitable and it’s where we need to be.

So the next time you think Social Media has become boring, think again. Maybe it’s just that you aren’t noticing it as much.

Do you think Social Media is boring, or do you agree with my assessment? What do you think are the implications of this “settling in” period?

 Social Media. Yawn.

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