2 Social Media Lessons Learned During “Snowtober”

by Ken Mueller on October 31, 2011 · 4 comments

Snowtober 2011 on the PorchThis past weekend those of us in the northeast were greeted by a rare October snowstorm, and our Saturday was filled with about five inches of very heavy, wet snow. Nearly 30,000 people in our area were without power, including us for about a ten hour stretch.

Add to this that I have a game I play: I try to go as long as I possibly can before turning on the heat. My first goal is to get to November. Then I try to see how far into November I can go, mostly to try to save on utility bills. I do the same thing with the air conditioning in the Spring and Summer. So as I write this, I still haven’t turned the heat on, however by the time you read this, my family might have gang tackled me and forced me to turn it on against my will.

Despite all that, the extra early and unexpected snowfall left us without power, and gave me a few lessons in how we should approach our work, and our Social Media.



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Were you caught off guard by Snowtober? Did you learn any lessons?




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