Small Business Tip Tuesday: Having the Proper Tools and Using them Properly

by Ken Mueller on October 25, 2011 · 7 comments

Tool rack

Image by L. Marie via Flickr

Too many people think they are at experts at something, just because they have the proper tools, or think they have a little bit of knowledge.

One of the most important things to remember in any discipline, let alone Social Media, is that there it is one thing to have the proper tools, and another thing to know how to use them properly. Just having a set of medical tools doesn’t make you a doctor. Just having pens, pencils, and paintbrushes doesn’t make you an artist. You have to have the knowledge and abilities to use them.

Knowing how to use the tools often comes from studying and practicing, as well as keeping on top of all of the latest advances in your chosen field. The same is true of your marketing and social media efforts, and that’s the topic of this particular video.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any nightmares you might have after viewing this…

If you can’t see the video in your email or feed, click here to view it.

The accordion in this video was given to me by my father. It belonged to his sister (my aunt) and as far as we can tell, it is at least 70 years old. If only I could play it…



@kmueller62 Ken, you really gave Elton a run for his money there ;^)


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